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are you ready for the
climate apocalypse?
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about the show

What will you do when the rising seas destroy your home?

In 2019, climate scientists predicted that most of Mumbai city would be underwater by 2050. This shocking prediction should have been front page news, discussed daily on prime-time television, and every politician should have been speaking about it! Alas… it was quite the opposite.

Tired of waiting for political change, this performer decides to make her own back-up plans to survive the climate crisis. She cannot sit idly by as the sea takes over her city; she needs to be prepared! In a unique interactive experience, Meghana enlists the help of her audience to ensure that by the time the apocalypse comes, her plans are water-tight.

show duration: 75-80 minutes with no interval

language: English with some Hindi

suited for: audiences aged 16+

please note:

this is an interactive show, where you are invited to share your thoughts on the

climate crisis and meghana's plans to survive.

however, if you would prefer to be a silent observer, that is totally fine!

team B/C/D/E

Meghana AT

(author, performer, producer)

Meghana is a theatre artist who works as an actor, writer, director, production manager, and pedagogue. She has worked in Mumbai's theatre circuit since 2012.

She has a Master's in Authorial Creativity and Pedagogy from The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As the founder of tafreehwale, she aims to build a space for playfulness, research, pedagogy, and activism.

Tanvi Shah


Tanvi Shah is an independent multi-lingual theatre maker from Bombay. She practices as director, dramaturg, producer, writer and adaptor, documenter of oral narratives and archivist of theatre history, curator of arts conversations, and conductor of literary encounters. She graduated from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with an MA in Theatre Directing (Classical and Contemporary Text) in September 2019.

She prefers the absurdity of making theatre to the absurdity of not making theatre, to paraphrase Szymborska.


Mallika Shah

(production/ co-founder of tafreehwale)

Mallika is an actor, director, and playwright based out of Mumbai. In her eight years of study and work in the theatre and out, she has trained at the Drama School Mumbai, worked in communications at Antarang Foundation, and has explored different facets of theatre-making with KathaSiyah, Patchworks Ensemble, and Stone Paper Stories. She wrote and directed her first play, I Killed my Mother / It Wasn’t my Fault, a coming-of-age story that explores the frivolity of urban girlhood.

today's show was possible thanks to Jairangam Fringes. 

special thanks to Mann, Kailash, and the Veda Kunba Theatre team.


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tafreehwale is a young theatre company, dedicated to creating original, playful, political work. in the coming years we intend to produce new and experimental theatre written by emerging artists.

we also have a pedagogical wing that works with learners of all ages. our focus is on the process not the outcome. theatre arts hold valuable lessons for creativity, inclusion, teamwork, and playfulness, which we incorporate into our lessons.

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