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tafreehwale offers training modules for high-school students, college students, teachers, corporates, and theatre enthusiasts of all ages. We believe in a student-driven model, where the learners are encouraged to make artistic decisions with our guidance.

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Akshara High School students rehearsing

   Akshara High School (Kandivali) students in a rehearsal

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programmes for school students

  • annual day 

  • intra-school dramatics activities 

  • summer workshops 

  • post school extra curricular workshops

  • introduction to shakespeare 

  • using theatre as an inquiry into the theory of knowledge (for IB schools)

the pedagogy wing of tafreehwale is run by Mallika Shah and Meghana AT

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"I entered the theatre when I was in college to make new friends and push myself out of my comfort zone. My B.A. in English Literature (from the State University of New York, Geneseo) was supplemented by theatre, a much more immediate, physical medium through which I could understand literature.


Theatre taught me to be truly collaborative and an effective team player, and helped me practise intentional empathy. When I started working at Antarang Foundation, a non-profit aimed at improving employability for disadvantaged youth, I was able to use my theatre skills to help students succeed at interviews and be confident public speakers.

My further training in acting and theatre-making at the Drama School Mumbai only furthered in my the power of theatre — a versatile, adventurous, and holistic vehicle of thought through which to discover new worlds in astonishing detail and creativity."

- Mallika Shah

image of Mallika Shah and Meghana AT

Mallika and Meghana

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"My love affair with the theatre began in my intra-school dramatics competition, so I know the power that good training has for lifelong learning.

During my BA in Sociology-Anthropology (from St Xavier’s College, Mumbai), I spent hours in play rehearsals, while building a theoretical foundation of culture and performance studies.


I spent 2.5 years living in Prague (Czech Republic), where I did a Master’s in Authorial Acting and Pedagogy (from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague).

In that time I was lucky to attend the International Schools Theatre Association at Terezin, where IB students from around the world attended theatre workshops in a former concentration camp. I learnt just how effective theatre can be in talking about difficult chapters in history, and in raising an empathetic, empowered, and active generation."

-Meghana AT

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